Sunday May 3, 2015

It's Tea Time

Of course, the best thing about teas is that there are zero calories in a cup, no matter which of the many varieties you're drinking. Even better, steeping the tea releases the phytochemicals from the plants that the tea is made from, adding additional health benefits. In fact, some research suggests that drinking tea may help prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and even bad breath.

Try some of these delicious tea concoctions. Though some have additional calories from added flavorings, in many cases there are even more health benefits.

  • Hunter- Cranberry chamomile tea: Adding a dash of cranberry juice to this soothing blend not only adds a jolt of flavor but also some additional vitamins.

  • Gatherer- Iced pineapple green tea: The only thing better than drinking one of your Superfoods is drinking two at once. It may sound like an odd combination, but stirring green tea and pineapple juice together makes a refreshing and healthy cocktail.

  • Teacher- Ginseng tea with honey: The honey in this tea will add sweetness and a few calories, but the real benefit is from the ginseng tea, which has been used for centuries as an energizing drink.

  • Explorer- Iced peppermint tea: Across the country, iced tea is a staple of warm summer months. Here is a twist on the classic, using a peppermint blend along with lemon juice and honey for a tart and sweet effect.

  • Warrior- Minty apple iced tea: They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, adding apple juice to your tea keeps the doldrums away. Fruit juice in tea may seem like a strange idea, but adding it to some peppermint tea is a daring and fun variation.

  • Nomad- Ginger tea with honey: Ginger ale may be more popular than ginger tea, but this is an even healthier and more nutritious choice. Though there aren't any bubbles, you'll still get the energizing effects and health benefits of ginger without having to eat it.

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