Friday December 19, 2014

Keep It Exciting

There's no excuse for burning out on the GenoType Diet — as long as you keep things interesting. Here's a specific suggestion for your GenoType.

  • Hunter- The monotony of eating the same foods every day is a real challenge for Hunters, who are so remarkable at coping with change. Fortunately, the Hunter GenoType Diet offers a wide array of foods that you can eat. So be sure to constantly alternate the foods you're putting into your mouth and try new recipes! Otherwise you'll let frustration get the best of you.

  • Gatherer- Of all the GenoTypes, Gatherers have the hardest time sticking to a ho-hum diet. So make the most of all your GenoType Diet Superfoods by changing up your food roster often. That way you won't feel deprived which will make it that much easier to get in great shape!

  • Teacher- Since Teachers lack the enzyme to properly break down animal fat, meats are a no-no for Teachers. But you can find plenty of variety in the numerous seafood, plant, and grain Superfoods that round out your recommendations. Try something new at least once a week!

  • Explorer- Your Explorer's "think outside of the box " mentality makes you the perfect candidate to try new foods and keep your taste buds guessing. So don't fall into a slump and do the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner day after day. Mix things up and be creative for true weight-loss success!

  • Warrior- A Warrior's Mediterranean-like GenoType Diet offers an array of fruits, vegetables, fish, oils, and grains to satisfy your desire for variety. So take a cue from those living in Mediterranean climates and experiment with cooking. You'll love the delicious results.

  • Nomad- To achieve an optimized metabolism and increase energy and weight loss, it's important for Nomads to eat many different kinds of foods. Your GenoType Diet is designed to be omnivorous, so leave no food group out. Making sure your meals are balanced will ensure a healthy body.

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