Wednesday February 10, 2016

Sweeten Up Your GenoType Diet

Craving something sweet? Each GenoType allows plenty of room for treats. In fact, these Super-foods are the perfect way for you to tame your sweet tooth today!

  • Hunter- To encourage your Hunter body shape to build lean muscle mass and reduce fat, satisfy your sweet tooth with carob — one of your Superfoods! The pod of the carob tree tastes similar to chocolate, and carob can typically be found in bar, chip, and spread forms. Snack tip: Spread two tablespoons of carob on a sliced pear (another of your Superfoods) for a guilt-free sweet treat!

  • Gatherer- Improve your metabolic rate while indulging your dessert craving with a tropical fruit salad. As a Gatherer, you are encouraged to eat tasty fruits like pineapple, papaya, and guava a winning combination of sweet Superfoods!

  • Teacher- Superfoods rich in vitamin B12 provide genetic improvement in the Teacher's body. A great source of B12 is yogurt — one of your Superfoods. If you want to up the sweet quotient, top your yogurt with another Teacher Superfood —like cinnamon or currants!

  • Explorer- Explorers require Superfoods rich in iron to provide proper nutrition to the blood and keep their energy levels up. One excellent source is blackstrap molasses (one tablespoon provides 20 percent of your recommended daily iron allowance). Try adding this Superfood to your baking for a sweet boost of nutrition!

  • Warrior- Take a stand against that early aging gene that Warriors are known to carry by consuming the antioxidant resveratrol. Your Superfood resveratrol source is grapes. Nosh on a bunch of grapes with the skin on (that's where the resveratrol is stored) or enjoy a glass of grape juice with a meal for the ultimate age-defying Warrior sustenance.

  • Nomad- The introduction of nitric oxide is the key to improving the Nomad's metabolic rate. Superfoods high in the amino acid arginine, like raisins, optimize the production and regulation of nitric oxide. So reach for a box of raisins next time a sweet craving strikes and you'll be helping your body speed up weight loss.

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