Tue July 7, 2015

Your GenoType Background Story

Each GenoType evolved from a unique ancestral challenge. Find out what type of environment your ancestors endured and learn how the conditions they faced contributed to the person you are today.

  • Hunter- Faced with an inordinate number of challenges, including hunger, climatic conditions, and infectious diseases, your ancestors developed a pretty serious attack mechanism against germs and bacteria. So when foreign substances invade, your body takes care of them pronto. Plus, in response to those days of famine, you are super-capable of metabolizing the meat that is so integral to your diet.

  • Gatherer- Your ancestors endured long periods of famine, starting from before birth. So your body is wonderfully resourceful at storing each and every calorie you ingest — just in case! To rev up your sluggish metabolism, be sure to eat enough of the right foods, mainly Gatherer Superfoods.

  • Teacher- The emerging trend of migration led your ancestors to be quite tolerant of a varied number of bacteria, microbes, and viruses. This is great news in that you're not likely to overreact to harmless intruders. Although your tolerance could leave you susceptible to more serious conditions, you're helping your immune system become a bit more protective by following the GenoType Diet.

  • Explorer- Trying to escape the ice that perpetually blanketed their land, your ancient relatives moved again and again. These glacial refugees developed a quirky way of coping with ever-changing circumstances — they did things their own way. This means that you modern-day Explorers can take things as they come.

  • Warrior- Your ancestors had little in the way of agriculture, and trade was often disrupted by war. Warriors therefore developed a useful metabolic strategy: When they had enough to eat, their metabolism was stoked, and when they were inactive, their metabolism slowed way down. Same goes for you today, so be vigilant about maintaining adequate activity levels.

  • Nomad- Ancient Nomads used the horse as a means to cover large amounts of territory. The varying climates and terrains they ranged over led your ancestors to develop a certain amount of tolerance so they could cope with each environment. This limited tolerance benefits you — while you don't overreact to bacteria, you don't tolerate harmful viruses either.

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