Friday February 27, 2015

Make the Most of Your Metabolism

Each GenoType has a unique metabolism that can either boost or inhibit weight loss. But by closely following your GenoType Diet everyone can maximize his or her potential for health.

  • Hunter- If you stick to your GenoType Diet, Hunter, you will take advantage of your superior metabolic profile. By burning the high-quality calories recommended, you'll build a perfectly proportioned physique of muscle, bone, and fat.

  • Gatherer- Your thrifty metabolism makes gaining weight a high risk with an improper diet. But by following the GenoType Diet and lifestyle recommendations, Gatherers can shed fat stores and maintain a healthy size.

  • Teacher- Foods that encourage bacterial growth can inhibit a Teacher's naturally high metabolism. But by getting adequate exercise and sticking to your GenoType Diet, you'll wipe out toxins and keep your metabolism going strong.

  • Explorer- Your body's low percentage of body fat compared to its muscle mass is an example of your naturally high metabolism. Following the GenoType Diet recommendations will rid your body of any toxins that might combat your quick metabolism and help you to stay trim and healthy.

  • Warrior- Your Warrior's thrifty metabolism gives you the strong appetite and long, lean muscles that characterize your GenoType in youth. To avoid rebellion as you age, optimize your metabolism with a proper diet based on your GenoType recommendations and enjoy a graceful maturity.

  • Nomad- Your Nomad's medium to high metabolism gives you a fairly low percentage of body fat compared to your muscular frame. By sticking with your GenoType Diet you'll avoid foods that cause hypoglycemia and help keep your metabolism in peak condition.

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