Thursday June 30, 2016

Find a Fitness Pal

Adopting an exercise buddy is a great tip for every GenoType. Find out what a fitness partner can do for you.

  • Hunter- Hunters need daily exercise to stay in tip-top shape. So find a buddy if you're setting out on a hike or vigorous walk — a companion will keep things interesting. Grabbing a regular partner to take along to a dance class will add some sizzle to your steps!

  • Gatherer- Plenty of your recommended exercises actually require a partner, Gatherer, including golf, tennis, and competitive sports. So buddy up and get active!

  • Teacher- Teachers need to keep outlets of expression open, so why not chat with a partner while you're exercising? Hiking, vigorous walking, and moderate competitive sports like tennis and racquetball are all great activities that allow good conversation.

  • Explorer- It's a good idea for Explorers to consider adopting a fitness buddy for safety's sake. Your accident-prone nature casts an exercise pal as more of a guardian angel to keep watch over you, especially if you're heading into uncharted territory (which, as an Explorer, you probably are).

  • Warrior- You might feel as if an exercise buddy would just weigh you down at this point in your life. But remember: Warriors tend to fall into inactivity later in life, and a fitness partner might be just the way to avoid this pitfall and keep on moving over the long haul. So find a partner you like now — you'll need that person before too long!

  • Nomad- Anyone would be lucky to have you as a fitness buddy, Nomad. Your fun-loving personality lends enjoyment to the sometimes tedious task of exercise. Just be sure to take part in activities that are good for you, like walking, hiking, jogging, golf, and tennis.

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