Friday October 24, 2014

Rev Your Metabolism

Although it might seem as if your metabolism is against you, it's on your side. It may just need some help from you!

  • Hunter- It might actually be impossible for you not to lose weight once you start eating the right foods for your GenoType, Hunter. You are lucky to have a body that converts calories into the perfect ratio of muscle, bone, and fat. So eat for your GenoType and reap the metabolic rewards.

  • Gatherer- The good news is that you never have to diet again! In fact, Gatherers tend to have bad luck on diets, which rob their systems of vital nutrients — encouraging their bodies to store even more fat. But by eating right for your GenoType, you'll teach your thrifty genes that good foods are coming so there's no need to hold on to fat anymore.

  • Teacher- You have a naturally high metabolism, Teacher. But if your diet contains too much animal fat from meat, you'll build up toxins that will slow that metabolism way down. So be sure to stick to your GenoType Diet to ensure that you're getting the nutrients you need without slowing your metabolism.

  • Explorer- Your high metabolism doesn't need much help, Explorer. But you can help speed it up by detoxifying with the GenoType Diet. You'll increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat — a surefire way to drop pounds.

  • Warrior- Your thrifty genes encourage your body to hold on to fat it doesn't need. But by eating right for your GenoType, you'll help reprogram those genes, forcing your metabolism to speed up and allowing your body to let go of unnecessary fat.

  • Nomad- On its own, your metabolism maintains a decent rate. But by following the GenoType Diet, you'll help your body produce an optimal amount of nitric oxide — which will boost your metabolic rate and increase weight loss.

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