Tue Marach 28, 2017

What Your Motto Means

Each GenoType's unique nature varies so much from the others that it's possible to sum it up in one phrase. See what your GenoType's motto is and learn what it means for you.

  • Hunter- Your reactive nature exemplifies the Hunter's motto: Shoot first, ask questions later. In health terms, this is a great way for your body to keep out dangerous microbes, viruses, and bacteria. The flip side, however, is that your quick reaction to any invader leads to an overreactive immune system that can manifest in the form of allergies, asthma, and inflammation.

  • Gatherer- The Gatherer's motto — Whoever dies with the most wins — stems from a lack of food in the womb. By making food a top priority, you are able to ensure that you'll always have enough in times of scarcity. But watch out — in our plentiful times you can easily put on excess weight because of overeating.

  • Teacher- Your altruism confirms your motto, Teacher: All you need is love. Your immune system lives by it, in that it doesn't overreact to unfamiliar bacteria and viruses in the form of allergies. Unfortunately, this trait can be a double-edged sword because it also leaves you susceptible to infectious elements. But sticking to the Teacher Diet can help you ward off some of these infections.

  • Explorer- As an Explorer, you blaze your own trail in almost every feature — from food digestion to your asymmetrical body proportions. You've been genetically designed to respond quickly to changing conditions and are thus highly adaptable. Your motto — I did it my way — is the perfect summation of your Explorer's attitude toward life.

  • Warrior- Because Warriors live life in the fast lane in their youth, your motto — Time flies when you're having fun — is self-evident. Without the proper diet, you could easily fall into the rut of Warriors past — becoming inactive and rapidly gaining weight. But by sticking with the Warrior Diet, you're ensuring a graceful ascent into old age.

  • Nomad- A new career in a new town is the Nomad's motto. Because your ancestors traveled from place to place, you have an innate ability to tolerate many varied environments. The good news is that unlike the Teacher's, your immune system is a bit more selective about which kinds of bacteria to be tolerant of — helping you avoid such inflammatory conditions as asthma and allergies.

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