Saturday August 30, 2014

Know Your Carbs

Q: Over the past few years, all the diets I've tried have said that carbs are bad, but for each of your GenoTypes, carbs like rice, flaxseed bread, and others are perfectly acceptable. So, what's the deal? Are carbs bad or are they good?

A: It's understandable to be frustrated when you get completely different information from different diets, but there is only one way to unlock your true genetic potential and it includes carbohydrates. That doesn't mean you should run out and gobble down a huge plate of pasta and a bucket of fries. Different carbs are better for different GenoTypes, and some aren't good for any of them. We suggest you stay away from potatoes and processed white flour, but if you get creative, there are plenty of options that will leave you healthy and lean.

  • Hunter- Because of your sensitivity to gluten, you should stay away from any type of wheat product. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy carbs. Instead, hunt for wild-rice and brown-rice dishes and quinoa salads.

  • Gatherer- Though they're a little out of the ordinary, amaranth and millet are the choices for you. Both make excellent breakfast foods — amaranth cooks up like oatmeal and puffed millet makes a great alternative to crisp rice cereals.

  • Teacher- Oat bran and oat flour are the way for you to go. Choose oatmeal bread as the top and bottom of your sandwiches or to toast up as a nice side. It's a million times healthier and tastier than the white bread you're used to.

  • Explorer- With rice as your number-one carbohydrate, there is a whole world of recipes to explore. Whether it's rice cakes or rice bakes, this stuff is great for you in all its varieties — white, wild, brown, and basmati.

  • Warrior- Your GenoType is perfect to enjoy different types of breads. Not only is rye one of your Superfoods — perfect for sandwiches — but since you can enjoy whole wheat and sprouted wheat, you've got plenty of bases covered. Just watch out for white bread or other forms of white, processed flour.

  • Nomad- Another GenoType sensitive to gluten, Nomads should avoid all types of wheat. But your characteristically adaptive Type allows for plenty of alternatives, like all varieties of rice, oat bran, quinoa, and gluten-free breads.

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