Tue January 17, 2017

A Weakness to Watch Out For

Your GenoType has a handful of weaknesses to watch out for. Read on for one specific vulnerability and how to combat it.

  • Hunter- Given their amazing energy levels, Hunters need to take extra care of the organs related to mitigating stress. Sure, you can go, go, go — but properly functioning adrenal and pituitary glands require periods of rest and calm after physical exertion. So be sure to find downtime in your hectic day.

  • Gatherer- Your metabolic thriftiness can cause you to eat for the wrong reasons, Gatherer. When you eat, your body tends to remove nutrients from the bloodstream so efficiently that you feel the need to eat again and again without satiety. But by getting the right foods for your GenoType, you are helping to combat this cycle and teaching your body to store only some — not all — of the calories you eat.

  • Teacher- You're a detail-oriented person, Teacher. But if you don't get the proper diet, sleep, and stress relief, this attention to detail can turn into a compulsive disorder. Be sure to stick with your GenoType diet and participate in calming activities that can help quiet your mind.

  • Explorer- If you suddenly become sensitive to a certain fat, or find your skin breaking out, it could have something to do with your liver. Explorers' livers spend a long time processing drugs, caffeine, and other toxins. By following the GenoType Diet, however, and eating only the best foods for your system, you are ensuring that your liver gets the break it needs.

  • Warrior- Perhaps a Warrior's greatest weakness is the tendency to age quickly once middle age has been reached. Your metabolism, which worked hard all throughout youth, can abruptly stall without the right fuel. So to help your body age gracefully, be sure to eat the right foods for your GenoType.

  • Nomad- As you age, it's important to maintain proper nitric oxide function — which can be done by eating the right foods for Nomads. With the wrong diet and lifestyle choices, you become susceptible to problems with your immune and circulatory systems as well as with your brain function.

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