Friday April 18, 2014

Why Keep Going?

You've been faithful to your GenoType Diet for this long, and you're still going strong. But if you ever stop to ask yourself "Why" here's the answer.

  • Hunter- By sticking to your Hunter GenoType Diet, you are helping heal any damage to your digestive tract that may have been done with an improper diet in the past. Plus, you're dampening inflammation and finding natural ways to better cope with stress. How can you beat that?

  • Gatherer- The Gatherer GenoType Diet is specially designed to cleanse and detoxify your cells of metabolic by-products that may have accumulated in your body. By clearing out the waste, you can help your body reprogram your thrifty genes and get that slimmed-down figure you've been hoping for.

  • Teacher- There's an added bonus to the revved-up metabolism you're attaining by following the Teacher GenoType Diet. Not only are you dropping pounds but you're gaining some long-lost energy! So keep it up — the more you stick with the diet, the more energy you'll find.

  • Explorer- Help your body reprogram its reactive genes by sticking with your Explorer GenoType Diet. Not only will you find relief from your many sensitivities but you'll be jump-starting your metabolism and speeding weight loss.

  • Warrior- You are helping reprogram your thrifty genes and rev up your metabolism by following the Warrior GenoType Diet, but you are also protecting and nourishing your arteries and heart. Now, that's a reason to fall in love with.

  • Nomad- You're getting a total-body makeover by sticking with the Nomad GenoType Diet. By eating foods that optimize the production of nitric oxide, you are simultaneously enhancing the function of your cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems — a three-for-one reason to keep eating right for your GenoType.

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