Sunday January 25, 2015

Have a Snack Attack

When you're trying to eat five times a day to keep your metabolism pumping, the biggest deterrent is not having healthy and tasty food around you at snack time. When you live life on the go, it's sometimes easier to pull over for a candy bar than reach for a snack that agrees with your GenoType. Here are some easy solutions that you can throw in a small bag and take with you.

  • Hunter- Cranberry Trail Mix: A mix of dried fruit and nuts, this is the perfect thing to fill you up while you're waiting for your next big meal. The dried cranberries and currants are great for your sweet tooth, and the pecans have enough good fat to keep you sated.

  • Gatherer- Hard-boiled Egg: This is one of the most easily overlooked snacks out there, and thanks to the hard shell, this protein-packed food is easy to throw in your bag to enjoy later in the day. Just make sure to refrigerate your egg if you'll be out for more than two hours.

  • Teacher- Curried Pecans: Add a little life to those pecans with some sea salt and curry powder. Lightly sautéing this snack in olive oil adds lots of additional flavor — and more healthy fat — to your snack.

  • Explorer- Pomegranate Juice: For a cool, refreshing drink any time, grab a bottle of pomegranate juice for an on-the-run treat. Packed with antioxidants, this unique drink will give you a boost of energy to make it through the day.

  • Warrior- Peachy Almond Butter: On its own, this mix of almond butter and pureed peaches sounds like a mess, but smear a bit on a brown rice cake or cracker and you have an easy-to-eat snack that is crunchy and delicious.

  • Nomad- Celery Stuffed with Farmer Cheese and Currants: Similar to the classic "Ants on a Log" this snack is retrofitted for your GenoType. The cheese replaces the peanut butter and the currants replace the raisins, but this alternative is twice as tasty.

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