Wednesday July 26, 2017

You Say Potato

Root vegetables are a popular choice for a side dish or light lunch. Learn which root vegetables are right for your GenoType.

  • Hunter- Add parsnips, a Hunter Superfood, to your soups and stews to boost vitamin C, manganese, and folate. Their mild, nutty taste lends a characteristic flavor all its own. Other Hunter Superfoods: rutabaga, sweet potato, and turnip.

  • Gatherer- One of your Superfoods is the ever-popular yam, Gatherer. They taste great whipped up like potatoes, baked in wedges like fries, or sliced in rounds and baked for homemade chips. Even better news: They're a fantastic source of vitamin A.

  • Teacher- Boost the potassium in your meals by adding red or golden beets — a vibrantly colored Teacher Superfood. Their sweet taste and firm texture make them a great addition to salads. Two more root vegetables to put on your shopping list: carrots and rutabagas.

  • Explorer- When it comes to radishes, Explorers have two varieties to choose from. Go for traditional red radishes when you're looking to add a crisp bite to a vegetable platter. And choose daikon radishes when you're looking to add a mild, zesty crunch to stir-fries.

  • Warrior- One small rutabaga contains 80 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C. So these slightly sweet, firm cruciferous veggies make a great choice if you're feeling the need to boost your immune system, Warrior.

  • Nomad- If you've never tried celery root, now is the time, Nomad. Its mild celery flavor makes it taste almost like a fresher, crisper version of a potato. A blend of roasted vegetables containing celery root, carrots, and rutabagas (two more of your Superfoods) would make a splendid side dish.

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