Tue May 3, 2016


It may never have occurred to you that the shape of your jaw or features of your teeth could suggest anything about you. But each GenoType has different characteristics of the mouth that indicate a lot about ancestry.

  • Hunter- The scooped-out appearance of your front teeth indicates your meat-eating past, Hunter — a definitive clue that you will do best on a carnivorous diet. Combined with your masculine, squarish jaw, your mouth proclaims you a strong Hunter.

  • Gatherer- Gatherers have an extra cusp (Carabelli's cusp) on the upper front molar. This is a sure sign that your ancestors — who survived famine and scarcity — ground grains and vegetables with their teeth. Your round jaw is indicative of the high levels of estrogen present while you were in the womb.

  • Teacher- It's common for Teachers to have an extra molar cusp, which points to the fact that your farming ancestors relied heavily on grains and vegetables as a food source (as you still should today). Howver, your square, masculine jaw is a rarity among non–meat eaters.

  • Explorer- You have spadelike incisors, indicating meat eating among your ancestors. In addition, your square, wide jaw exemplifies their powerful, carnivorous nature.

  • Warrior- Warriors often exhibit soft, oval jawlines and long, almost egg-shaped faces a commonality among non–meat eaters who were exposed to higher than normal estrogen levels in the womb. Because of your mostly vegetarian diet, you probably have an extra molar cusp.

  • Nomad- Your Nomad's herding ancestry is evident in the shoveled, grooved appearance of the back surface of your upper front teeth. And the smallish nature of your teeth in general is an indication that your ancestors belonged to milking societies.

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